Why Buy Duquette Living Room Set

Duquette’s living room set is a model designed by Duquette and has been awarded a golden model. This model has an adjustable reclining back, and it’s possible to adjust the height of the chaise. In addition, it is also possible to fold this model up for easier storage.

Why buy this living room set?

1. Padded seat and back

This set comes with a padded seat and back, which is very comfortable to the touch. It also has a sleek design, which has a retro look.

2. Ultra Modern and Sleek Design

The Duquette living room set comes in an ultra-modern and sleek design that fits perfectly in any clean and modern home. It’s possible to combine this Duquette living room set with the matching chairs to create a striking addition to one’s home décor. The seat of the chair can be adjusted as well, which will make it easy for one to have a luxurious position while sitting on this chair.

3. Storage Feature & Foldable Design

The Duquette living room set can be folded up easily for easy storage and transport. It also has a drawer on the side that can store additional decor on top of the chair. This makes it easier to store and clean the chair, as well as to have extra seating options when one doesn’t need it at all times.

4. Adjustable height Reclining Design

The Duquette living room set has an adjustable design, which enables one to have a powerful position while sitting or reclining on it. This allows one to enjoy comfortable seating outside during the summer season.

5. Durable Materials

The Duquette living room set is made of durable yet high-quality materials. It’s made of paraffin-coated wire, which is very strong and reliable. It also has a fixed armrest, which means one will not have to worry about it breaking or moving any time soon.


The Duquette living room set is a great addition to any home décor, especially if one wants to have a powerful seat or reclining chair. It is flanked by accent chairs that look great in any modern home.

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