7 Best Squarespace Templates In 2022

Squarespace is an amazing platform for creating websites for online stores, businesses, blog websites, portfolio websites, and other website types. With its many featured products and services, its wide variety of templates is one of its biggest advantages. Here are Squarespace’s 7 best templates in 2022.


Avenue, a portfolio website template, allows users to design a minimalist, simple website to highlight their work. The template’s homepage features a grid-based layout where you can display examples of your art. If a visitor clicks on a particular example, they will automatically visit the page where more information can be viewed. Avenue’s intuitive design allows you to have a blog along with your online portfolio.


One of Squarespace’s top templates, Keene is ideal for creating websites for health niche businesses and can also be customized to suit other business niches. Though it is very simple, this template features a useful design as there are links to each page that visitors might be curious about directly on the website’s homepage.


Rover, another Squarespace’s best templates, is quintessential for service businesses that need an outstanding website to accentuate their offered services. This template presents a great layout that allows you to beautifully combine pictures and content.


Lange is a perfect template for building an outstanding portfolio website. With its minimalist and simple design, you can create a page for each sample of your work. Additionally, this will allow you to include more details about each piece.


This template lets you create a clean-looking and straightforward online store that has a modern minimalist design with a pop of color. Mostly suitable for shops that sell a modest variety of products, Brine features an excellent design for you to have both an online store and a blog.


One of Squarespace’s popular blog templates, Skye allows you to design a great-looking blog website. With this template, users can create a modern-looking and minimalist blog that would definitely be adored by the readers.


Pacific is another famed template on Squarespace made for building aesthetic websites for coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and other local businesses. This template features a one-page website design that allows visitors to select any page section that they want to view, for example, the working hours, the menu, reservations, etc.

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