8 Men’s Coats and Jackets To Keep You Cozy and Warm

The weather is starting to get cold again. Months from now you will have to bring out all your thick clothes to prepare for the much colder season. Need a new set of coats and jackets? This list is for you. We have compiled only the best ones from the shop Mr. Porter so you’re just one click away from owning them. You need a coat and jacket that is of high quality. One that can last long so they are worth the investment. Here are 8 men’s coats and jackets to keep you warm and cozy in the coming cold season.

1. Acne Studios Wool Coat

This is a coat that you can wear to any occasion. It can be a part of formal attire or casual attire. This one is very flexible. You can even survive with just this coat. It’s durable and will last a long time in your closet. It’s comfortable to wear and provides a lot of warmth because it’s made of double-faced wool.

2. A.P.C. Wool-Blend Blouson Jacket

A black jacket is easy to style. They almost go with any color and trend. This jacket comes with a shearling collar that will for sure make you cozy and warm during those cold days. This features a zip fastening and it also has two pockets where you can insert your hands for extra warmth.

3. Mr. P Corduroy Overshirt

This jacket is lightweight and for everyday use. It is also in the color that makes you attractive in an instant. It features two pockets located near the chest part. You can wear this alone or you can wear it over a plain white or black shirt.

4. Vetements Leather Jacket

The thing with leather jackets is that they can make you cool and very appealing in an instant but they tend to be very pricey. This leather jacket looks cool on the outside with its brown leather fabric but inside it’s very warm because of the shearling lining. They say a man has to have at least one leather jacket inside their closet.

5. Brunello Cucinelli Denim Trucker Jacket

Denim can make you look young. It’s what the youths are so into right now. Denim also looks very stylish and hip. You might want a denim jacket in your closet. This denim jacket is in the color gray. It features side pockets where you can insert your hands to.

6. Loewe Half-zip Jacket

If you want more style and color from your jacket, then you might want to go with this one. This features a palette-like design with splashes of different colors on its white fleece fabric. It’s very soft and comfortable. It comes with drawstrings at the neck part.

7. Celine Homme Bomber Jacket

You’re very much familiar with these jackets. You can commonly see these from people who are into sports. They are comfortable and lightweight. They can be worn on slightly cold and slightly warm days. You can layer them if you need more warmth.

8. Mr. P Blouson Jacket

If you’re into warm-colored attire, this jacket matches your style. It features a stripe pattern of colors in warm shades. The plush shearling collar adds more style to the jacket. It will also add warmth and comfort once you wear it.

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