5 Reasons Why Tock Is Right For Your Restaurant

Tock, acquired by Squarespace in 2021, is an all-in-one tool that allows businesses in the industry of restaurants & hospitality to connect with their customers. It is an event sales, restaurant reservation, and online ordering app. Users can individually utilize or combine Tock’s tool to produce a comprehensive solution in addition to managing and marketing their business. Here are five reasons why Tock is right for your venture.

1.Ideal for small, independent restaurants

Tock is one of the market’s top recommendations for online ordering systems for restaurants, with its excellent tools and features, especially for meal kit sales. Restaurants with less than 50 seats can lose a substantial amount of money just from no-shows. The ticket-based reservation system of Tock ensures that reservations are paid in advance, which reduces this pain point.

2.Perfect for event venues, tasting rooms, and pop-ups

The event sales tools of Tock can be curated to proffer tastings at distilleries and wineries or tickets to special, one-time events like parties and themed dinners. Experiential pop-ups such as culinary classes, culinary tours, or limited-service restaurants can also benefit from Tock’s event and reservation tools.

3.Variety of amazing features

Tock offers a combination of delivery, online ordering, event booking, and reservation tools which makes it a unique restaurant and event management tool. Its greatest innovation lets restaurants market table reservations just the same as tickets sold by concert venues. Other notable features of Tock include analytics, reporting, a platform website, and customizable user setting and permissions.

4.Ease of use

Thanks to its easy-to-use system, Tock Team will set up your account and import all of your necessary information for you. Regardless of what membership level you choose, your account comes with US-based, 24/7 customer support. Moreover, Tock hosts training videos that can walk you through the process of creating online event pages, ordering menus, and more.

5.More control, fewer costs

Tock allows you to be in control with its zero per-cover and flat pricing fees that ensure no penalty for your business’ success. This tool offers more than just reservations, it also displays unique experiences like events, tasting menus, and chef’s counters all in one place. Additionally, Tock’s automated email/text reminders and deposit reservations lower no-shows to less than 1%.

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