3 Main Advantages of Using Squarespace to Create a Portfolio

Your portfolio, as an artist, is one of the most vital tools you can have to find opportunities and market your work. Though there are numerous ways to make a portfolio, Squarespace has recently become increasingly popular. Here are the three main benefits of using Squarespace to create your portfolio website.

1.The wide array of templates

One of Squarespace’s biggest advantages for your portfolio website is the huge range of available templates. No matter what type of art and work you create, a template that fits your needs is likely accessible. And if existing templates don’t suit your taste, you can always use the powerful and handy customization tools of Squarespace to design a unique look for your portfolio website.

2.Very easy to update and add content

Another big pro of Squarespace is that it makes it effortless to update and add any of your content. Whether you are writing blog posts or adding new images, the website builder makes the process user-friendly and straightforward. This is perfect if you are regularly updating and adding new content to your portfolio and if you want to make your website fresh with your latest work.

3.Custom to your heart's desire

Squarespace allows users to design and create a portfolio website that stands out. With its many varieties of distinct layouts, you can surely find one that best showcase and highlight your work and art. Regardless of the type of your content, you can build a cohesive portfolio website for your body of art. Combine pre-built and blank sections and utilize videos, text, and imagery to accentuate each of your workpieces.

Is it worth creating your portfolio website on Squarespace? Overall, the answer is yes. This platform features some great and user-friendly tools and customization that make it a perfect builder for artists. Though it’s not without its limitations, its simple interface allows those who want to design a professional-looking and personalized online portfolio without any knowledge of coding and website building.

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