The 4 Reasons That Square Space Is Your Best Option For Online Stores

The Global Pandemic made more people than ever before learn to use and trust online shopping to the point that it has almost exceeded going to the mall or shopping center as the preferred method of shopping. It is now more vital than ever that if you are a retailer of goods or services you have a trustworthy, reliable, and easy-to-navigate way for customers to shop on your site. This is where Squarespace can help you grow your online retail business and here are 4 reasons why.

1.Tax Management

Depending on where you are selling from there may be a need for you to charge taxes such as Sales Tax, Value Added Tax, and others as dictated by regional authorities. Squarespace gives you a full tax management suite in your marketplace. You can choose to show prices with taxes included, excluded, or listed separately. You can even use Squarespace to report and file your tax collections with the relevant authorities.

2.Multiple Payment Options

You can offer your customers a variety of ways to pay right on your site. You can accept payment from Stripe, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Afterpay (where available). Making a site visit? If you are selling off-site you can still link to your store app by using a Square Reader and accepting personal payment on the spot.

3.Customer Management And Engagement

Squarespace will let you easily engage your customer base by managing their site profiles, and order history and sending them notifications all online or via the mobile app for iOS or Android.

4.Seamless Experience

Your customers never have to leave your site from the moment they first visit through the checkout experience. They never have to go to a different payment portal, Squarespace will let them stay on your site for the whole experience, making shopping from you a pleasant and easy experience that they will want to repeat.

Squarespace offers a complete solution for running, maintaining, and operating an online store, benefitting you and your client base. It truly is a “One Stop Shop” for the online retailing of goods and services.

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