The 5 Reasons That You Need To Build A Membership Area On Your Site

Offering your potential and existing customers the ability to become part of a community of people with like-minded interests helps you retain customers, and more importantly, gives you the means to generate extra revenue streams. Here are 5 ways that Squarespace offers you the opportunity to increase your customer base with member areas.

1.Create Exclusive Content

Creating a member area on your site allows you to offer exclusive Virtual Classes, Workshops, and Video Series about topics that they are interested in. They have no need to troll through online video sites searching for instructional videos, it can be offered right there in their exclusive membership area of your site.

2.Premium Content

No matter what drew your members to your site, they will want to avail themselves of any premium content that you can offer. Whether you are a chef demonstrating advanced culinary techniques, a financial services specialist, or an expert in sewing, your members will want to watch you demonstrate your skills and even buy added content such as recipes and sewing patterns.

3.Sell Online Courses

If people can complete a course of instruction with a tangible qualification as an outcome they will subscribe to online courses that will help them to achieve their goals. Partnering up with an online tutor or instructor through your site will keep them engaged.

4. Online Newsletters And Email Management

Operating a reliable and targeted newsletter campaign can be done by building profiles of your members and giving them the option to subscribe to newsletters and information that directly reflects their interests.

5.Build A Community

Perhaps the major reason to offer a membership area is to build an online and interactive community of people with like-minded interests. Letting your members interact with each other and giving them one place to get their news and updates is a major benefit for your members and a big plus for you.

People like to associate with like-minded people, this is true in person and online, and member areas are the ideal way to offer that to your site visitors. Squarespace has all the tools that you need to build valuable member areas right on your site.

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