Benefits Of Aadvik Standard Bed

Aadvik Standard Bed is one among the many bed manufacturers. But what is wonderful about this brand is that it offers quality, affordable, and comfortable mattresses for both your home and your office. It has a wide range of mattresses in single beds and double beds at very competitive price tag with manufacturer warranty from Aadvik Standard Bed.

Benefits of Aadvik Standard Bed

1. User friendly:

Aadvik Standard bed is one superb choice for mattresses. This bed is well known for its user friendly features and little flaws which are not often found in other product brands. You will not be facing trouble in assembling a single product and you will find the assembly agents most helpful.

2. Compact and portable:

The weight of a single product is about 23 pound. It is compact as it has just 15 inch thickness which leads to very easy storage as well as travel. The mattress can easily be shifted from one place to another and can fit in the small space due to compact size.

3. Comfortable:

You will get a good night’s sleep on Aadvik Standard bed no matter what the weather outside is like. The mattress is comfortable and soft. It has a spring coil support which is perfect for your back and overall body health. The mattresses are made of 100% cotton filled with 2″ cotton quilting which gives it an extra comfort level. It gives you hassle free service without any maintenance cost or health hazards associated with rubber, foam, glue and plastic materials found in other brands of mattresses available in the market today.

4. Affordable:

Aadvik Standard Bed is a good choice if you are looking for affordable mattresses. This is not only durable but it is also cost effective. It will give you pure sleep with less muscle pain and aches upon waking up. You can buy multiple sets of Aadvik Standard Bed as your home use, office use mattresses or for guest room. Affordable price tag makes it a great value for money purchase.

5. Durable:

The mattress is not just comfortable but also durable, which makes it worth every penny spent on its purchase. The 1000 gram per sq ft foam is made of foam which is resistant to sagging, so it gives you support for whole night. The steel springs are heavy duty and will give back your comfort no matter what support level you require. The mattress supports up to 10,000 pound weight while the maximum weight limit is 3500 pounds.

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